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Galaxy Racing 3.2

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Galactic Racing 1.0 is a free spaceship race game. At the beginning you will have to create your player and choose between 5 different space ships with different acceleration, max speed, maneuverability and weight. You will have to finish a lot of level to increase the number of enemies, and on each race you will find bonuses like extra score, energy, lifes, invulnerability, nitro super shots and you will also find obstacles such as asteroids. In order to control the ship will only need to use the arrow keys at your keyboard, in order to shoot when you gain a weapon you will use the Ctrl key, for using nitro use the x key, for extra brake the spacebar and the p key to pause the game. Be careful because the races won´t be as easy as you imagine, the asteroids will really be a problem and you will also need to use the brakes in order to not crash during the race. Be careful when you choose your space ship, for your first games we recommend you to use the one that has higher maneuverability, and after you become an expert start using the faster ships.

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  • You can shoot other competitors during the race


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